About Us

Monika Goswami is a one of the well-known and most sought-after professional Make Up Artist of Singapore.  She is a trained and certified professional makeup artist with her team  MonikaMakeovers.Sg. She never fails to interpret the makeup requirements of clients to produce a creative and technically accurate visual representation. From basic to complex.
Monika delivers only the best and is very artistic. She devotes herself personally to each of her projects, giving life to a mixture of colours and shades, lights and shadows. Every detail is refined in order to obtain a unique and extraordinary make-up, for representing personality, style and lightness. This is her idea of beauty: to make unique and brilliant every person, having a particular attention in reaching that perfect balance between the intrinsic beauty and the potential of make-up. In order to assure a perfect result, she utilizes exclusively innovative and avant-garde techniques
Monika has dolled up many beautiful women and notably she has done many shows and for many celebrities. She believes punctuality, passion and creative mind will make one a great Makeup artist.  She has also done makeup  for fashion  shows, Pageant events, editorials and print ads as well.

As per Monika,  “I especially love bridal makeup because I love the energy, love and details surrounding weddings. I feel honored to be able to contribute to someone's big day. I love being apart of the bride's experience. I guess I love the feeling I get when I finish my client's makeup and they look in the mirror and says, "I feel beautiful".